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Today most People don't worry about taxes until tax-time, and this may be the biggest mistake you can make.
The fact is, Uncle Sam is just ringing his hands, waiting for the day you retire.

Why?  Because he knows that's the time when the government sees all those tax deferred accounts, like 401k's and IRA's  kick in and when you start taking money out of your retirement accounts. Believe me when I tell you that the government has been salivating for that day and will be right there to steal it's so called fair share in the form of taxation.

That's right!

Remember when you signed up for that 401 K or put you money in that IRA Account? Well, the government has been anxiously awaiting for you to start taking money out of those accounts because now he can get his greedy little hands on your money in the form of Taxes.

Were you aware that the government can tax up your Social Security Payments up to 85%?
And that's not all, Uncle Sam can play numerous little games so he can swipe your money through Taxation, even in accounts you think are safe..

That's were Full Wave Financial Group can help. Uncle Sam is going to get some of your money, how much he gets will be up to you. We can help reduce and, when properly structured, possibly eliminate the future taxation of your retirement accounts.

The fact of the matter is the, we all have to get educated in the field of finance, this is your money, your nest egg, your future. 
the decisions you make now will impact you and your future for the rest of your life and will impact your families future for a long, long time.

We are here to educate you first and foremost. Sure we would love to have you as a client. But first, it is our mission to give you the education you need to make an informed decision about your retirement income and your future.

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